Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Have Visitor!

Tonite our house has been visited again by this creature (no, no goosebumb yet). I accidently noticed it in our laundry room. And this is not the 1st time.
Its a bit creepy, given that my hubby is not home yet (on his way but dropped at KT for customers meetings). Only my step BIL and my lil one home..
~I am trying to calm down and hope that its really it (the butterfly) not the 'others'..~since waielah likes to look at it, so I invite it inside our house. Seen now is behind my kitchen signange

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mummy Turns Green

From the 1st day I brought home this tupperware water dispenser, somebody has been noticed peeking when is the right time to launch a secret operation.And this week seems like the dream has been answered given mummy is still busy being sick, recuperating, doing non-stop house chores, etc. Mummy screamed in her still-sored throat (imagine Jane tarzan's girl ) when the hutch cabinet, and partly Smadal, and the floor have been flooded with water. As a lesson; the teachings....

Don't pity this girl,because she deserves it!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Local Fruits Season

Having a prolonged sore throat after the asthma, I am dying to taste and wailap the local fruits available everywhere now, from pasar malam, street vendor supermarket, market, etc.
Its time for rambutan, durian, mangosteen, lychee, mata kucing (what do we call this actually).
I had indulged into durian from Yon Peng brought by hubby during his outstation, and that may be one of the contributing factor of my condition now (still coughing and spitting out non-stop phlegm), because I really gambled on the day I commit the sin that; the sore will soon go away, not started getting worse! Seems that I have miscalculated!
Today a kind neighbor passed me a brunch only of rambutan from her kg Johor considering she knew I am still had the problem. Thanks kakak! For the remembrance...
I have starting humming the song from 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny' : "Rain , rain, Go Away. Come Again Another Day..."... in my own version of "Sakit Tekak Go Away. Bagi ku Makan Buah"....
Mmmm...no words can describe its yumminess...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mini Hen House

Our mother tongue pronounce it as 'reban ayam'. And who knows better than me (whistle blowing?) coz my dad has few of them. Some are even built (yes, with hammer and nails) by my late mum, whom said that if my dad is building one, the house will last forever. Its because he will eradicate it to be as strong as possible for his grandchildren to still enjoy the view (and use of it, perhaps).
As days go by, many were slaughtered for the family feast, and some were sold to the kampung chicken lover eater. And surprisedly, the price is a bit more expensiver from the modern breed one.
In my modern house in the city, I had just bought myself a simple house to store some eggs since hubby like to eat the half-boiled eggs, sometimes 3 at a time. Unfortunately mine only can occupy up to 12 eggs, so stock are running fast!
And one unlucky day an egg became a victim of the curious little hand, because she has started asking mummy few question before like "whose chicken is tat?, whose eggs are there? etc etc". So some experiment are best ran by experience! And please keep experimenting dear, mummy cant afford to forbid you...only not on dangerous things!
I am still drowsy from medication and could not rush back to kg to visit a sister who has been warded for a stroke. May Allah bless her, Amin..!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Additional to Bunga Kangkung Collection 1

Being sick, there came good news. A trusted and reliable plate supplier of me had came to pay me a visit and deliver some plates and bowls.
For the sweet and kind-hearted kakak, please accept my gratitude for driving all the way for me. My apologies for not able to provide a proper hospitality.
And I am still blogging even though I am in less fortunate situation. Sob sob sob...
~The new (for me) plates and bowls
~The free gift one cup, i am still seeking for its friend
~The jug, creamer and sugar cup as addition to the Blue Willow collection

I am sick!

Dear blogger, these few days I was attacked by asthma, cough, headache, and fever. All the four diseases came to visit at the same time. Its all started with sore throat. Usually when I had that, there will be cough. Then, if the cough worsened, asthma. So the sleepless nite of trying to spit out all the phlegm made me so dizzy, a big headache.
My medication has finished, only the inhaler and panadol left. And hubby forgot to get mucosolvan from the pharmacy again for countless time. My lecture to him is to redefine his love for me out of his so many ignorance on me in his life. (he took it as my way of expressing the pain)
Redefine your love, if I still had to carry the lil girl under the hot sun to go to the bus stop to catch bus or taxi, or maybe LRT. He seems to not care the difficulty I am facing day by day, to get grocery, to get the girl's milk and diapers, and other ration of course. He didnt give a damn!
After the JB exhibition, he came home and told me he is buying a new Lancer ( I must say to impress people?), because he has been laughed off for driving the Hilux (who is so rude to do tat?). I told him when u are driving the Kenari, you had wanted a Hilux and its feel like a dream came true when finally own it one. Now u had the H then u are dying for a more fancy car. If, after u had one, what will be next? He seems dissapointed of me, cant he imagine mine of him?
So I am still sick physical and mental, trying to recuperate ASAP.
Let him have his dream car then!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fridge Magnets (FMs)

A hobby that attracts people from all walks of live. I just realised that I have quite a sizeable fridge, even sometimes am still juggling some items over another. My fridge is a a 3-storey bungalow (not a mansion or palace yet) in a mouse world. Some FMs in my collection, and I am counting...

Wedding Gifts to Claim

Last May and June school holiday two of my office colleagues were getting married in Muar Johor and Behrang Perak. And due to last minute travel arrangement on my side, I missed their receptions. My apologies, girlfriends!
To the newly-weds (or the basi Pengantin Baru?) couples, please do present yourselves at my house this weekend to claim your wedding gifts. Failure to do so, I will pass them to the other next person I know of who are getting married.
And also, I am thinking of having a pot-luck weekend party at my small house, so I think the usual members in crime back in MESB please do the necessary arrangement then...
Both are ready to grab for no contest!
Hope to see you all here then....Please come and join Minnie having tea!

Decal Stickers Utilisation

I had purchased quite a sum of KH Bailey & Sons decal stickers from various WMC sellers. Yet am still dry on the idea to utilise them.
My 1st project is this bread box, and because I was too excited to start gesso-ing the box, I unintentionally forgot to snap the 'before' image.
Here is the outcome..

Tin Collection Start Up

This entry, if you have sceptical eye has no ' first' word in it. Its because I had my 1st tin collection back in 1990's college years and they are the round sunflowers. I used to had a deep affection on sunflowers.
The sunflower then seems to lost some of its friends, somebody had taken them from my dad's house which I dont dare to ask for a return. Cause I dont want to be labelled as mean or rude. I want them to be returned by volunteer.
As usual, my current additions were procured from WMc sellers too.

Classmate Gathering-June09

Last balik kg I had a crash dinner with some old classmates (only 3 of them, actually). Thank you all lovely ladies for showing up; you know who you are ya!
Sorry for the last minute notice since I just got know that will be leaving back home on the next day, last minutes thingys seem to keep reoccuring to me lately since I resigned and only depend on hubby's hectic schedule then.
Dinner took place at the end of my dad's house road corner restaurant just a stone throw away, and we feast very simple seafood like dying to eat deep fried squid and prawn. And some tomyam. My sister who is also my classmates' senior turn up to be as a guest, an addition to our group.
So subject matter on the nite were "who's , where", and importantly the hottests gossips (because there are many of them!). He he he...
The crime gang..
The seafood tomyam, quite lavish with seafoods

Friday, June 19, 2009

My First Decoupage Items

I had found a new hobby to fill my time since my resignation, so I resort to something that also benefit my house at the same time. Its decoupageing and decaling (are they correct?).
Most of the supplies like serviettes, paints, decal stickers, gesso and lots more were bought from, wherelse if not WMC. As time goes by I bought more brushes from other local walk-in stores.
So, few of my first projects productions...
~before wordings insertions
~after the wording being drew

~the blank Oslo bed side table
~the finished

Bunga Kangkung Collection

It all started with one high neck teapot at my dad's house, and I managed to procure some from WMC dealers. Some teapot cracks in shipment and I managed to glue it back, and one went salvaged. So here goes my 'mini' collection
The cracked teapot...a lesson for buying via online transaction and careless postage delivery handling

Luminarc Deco Plate

This Love in Paris 2009 Limited Ambience Edition set was purchased from Nasrin Ibtisam of WMC, and I havent had any chance to display it yet due to some reasons.
If you are interested, please get yours from her then http://www.cybercatalogshop.com/forum/news.php
Will post the display here once done then..

My First Wall Rack

Its so satisfying and practical to have a decent wall rack regardless of size for those who live in a limited (or, quite small) space house like me. Mine is rented, of 870sf only.
So wallla, to show off to you my first wall rack, so small, so short, so humble....

Spode Deco Plates/Set

I had started purchase collections by collections from various sellers, mostly found in WMC virtual kiosks. Some may question their reliabilty or trustworthness, but so far I had a good experience. Click here for yours http://pingganlama.blogspot.com/
Doubt may arise because buyers need to pay in advance before items are shipped to them. Its always question of either they will really be getting their purchase or not.If they (the sellers) ship in advance to buyer and get paid afterwards, then there are tendency for the buyer to cheat. Yet its hard to find a win-win situation. I am not saying its a win-lose, but actually one needs to tolerate, and resolve to an equal solution. Enough with the online shopping , i have no agenda here...
So, here are some of it that I managed to have their images..
The 10 inch Spode Blue Collections- British Flowers
Spode Blue Collection- Willow

The blue claytan jar set, very economic..and goes well with the Spode Blue Collections abovesThe Spode Floral Heaven TeasetThe 1oinch Spode Thomas Kinkade Cottages & smaller size pink Winter's Eve Collections

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Simple Flower Arrangement

This vase was purchased from online store, ie wana rainhouse tree. After waiting for months and months, the three bouquet of roses i bought fr KK finally found its home to rest peacefully (not die la!).
And last blik kg, I brought it home to pass to my sis as promised.Surprisingly, its the 1st flower arrangement in her house considered she and her spouse just moved in to their new house. Dont worry, sis. Lots more to come to you.Always lot of drama for the first of everything just like the other firsts in our life. Even a simple matter, a flower arrangement. The flower from my house, I forgot to snap the arranged one fr her hse. I believed there are others out there who had have grandier arrangement, but I m still proud of my own. My favourite is the look-like real roses, my 2nd flowers in the hse after I have discarded my dusty calla lillies..So breathtaking in closer, here it goes.. And lastly, talking about flower, my arrangement has gone to kelam-kabut in the hand of the little genius, so tell me how am I not going crazy?? Who can answer that?

Bags, bags, bags

As promised, here are some bags that I had, mostly purchased from online stores. Most of them are not designers coz i cant afford them. Just a cheap one, but i trust their quality, but one should not compare them with one at PS boutique. An apple with an apple, remember?
Thanks to the online technology that allows me to shop just only a clicking away at fingertips, all you need is a lappy, a reliable internet connection, an online banking facility, and of course the fund available in the bank account. Mine? Kept replenishing day by day since I learn to trick of online shopping, and you can make friends too!
This post crucially forbidden for viewing to a certain individual, who i need not to mention his name here, coz i will be flying to sky if he counts everything by a calculator. God forbid! He he he, so if u happens to know the person, please cross your finger to save me then!
~~The Bags , purses & some accessories~~

And lastly, I am going to lost one of my most reliable online bags seller, KKJ, who has announce her farewell note last week. Kak KJ (sobs, sobs, waaa....) , you will be missed, mostly by me. Read the note at http://www.june-miller.com

Display Cabinet Occupied

Think that the pictures say their own words. So layanzzz....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My 1st Display Cabinet(s)

The smadal bookcase, which is in turn is deco plate display cabinet to me.
In fact, it will accomodate not only deco plate, but also my other collections as I dont have a kitchen cabinet to store them in the limited spaced kitc.
Having started my deco plates collections, I strongly need proper display cabinet to put all the acquisition. And having a 3-yrs old daughter made the needs more to necessary, because i would not want her to keep uploading and downloading (bring up, bring down = housekeeping!) the plates all over the house.
So after lovely (ahem!) hubby approved the purchase, I brought her to Ikea to get wat I had eyed for quite sometimes, Smadal Cabinet. This cabinet is quite cheap at RM429 per unit, (compared to those way too overpriced whitey english furniture). Got 2, and also Biby Glass Display Unit (very light at RM299), some Lanni white chair for our dining table, proper dine chair for a little one, i was half satisfied!
Wait until hubby saw the bill then!He will jump to sky to see the 4 digits. Patience, patience.