Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home at Last!!!

Last week before heading back to KB, I managed to distribute the missing cat ad to every postbox in 4 lanes of my neighborhood.
Its really sweating I can conclude now it was killing two birds with a stone.
Because all the efforts were paid off and I had pumped more oxygen into my lung by walking.
And two vets clinics in Tmn Melawati and Pinggiran Ukay.
Given the time constraint upon blik kg plan, more ads were copied and folded to be distributed to the remaining lanes/blocks.
Allah has tested me in faith and calm.

1st, never, ever to give up.
Even my daughter said : " Tomorrow Abang Comel (the cat) will return home!" so confidently.
And my hubby was criticised by me for saying : " Maybe fate has decided that he only with us for 6 years!". Spank on you darling !!!
Yes, he should learn not to loose hope so easily.
How come he didnt in his business but gave up on the cat???

The verdict, when I was on the way up to the city last nite my brother who was home at UB suddenly called and informed that a good samaritan form the neighborhood has brought Comel home in one piece, with only minor cuts from cats fights of course.
To him I asked him to get their numbers.
This morning when I got home, I just shouted his name off from the gate wihout even considering that my neighbors would call me 'mad ladt etc'.

Besides his shabby look and the dirt, he has developed a pus on his ear as a result of infection from disclosed cut.
So then I rushed him to the nearby vet, which he became reluctant as usual.
He refused to get off the cage to be laid on exam bar for the vet to check on his real injury.
Then when she tried to clean the pus, he gave the defensive sound or 'GGrrrrr' ready to strike.
As a result, we (me n the doc) resolved that he needs to be on anesthetic for the whole body cleaning.
So he was boarded for a nite.

I was in mixed emotions; joy, blessed, thankful, sad, mad, etc, etc so I couldnt manage to shoot even a photo of him.

But, I was so relieved to have him again, thankful to Allah for giving me more opportunity to continue what I did, and sending me a good person who is responsible, helpfulvenough to lend me their hands even though we didnt know each other.
Insyaallah Comel will heal off.

Thanks to many invisible helping hands and friend for their cats networks.
Alhamdulillah!!! I bowed to You!

Friday, May 20, 2011



Description : Flurry Siamese mixed
Gender : Male
Fur Color : White, no spots/strips
Eye Color : Odd Eyes (Blue & Yellow)
Other Info : Adorable/Charming look but mild
Fierce. In bad health (sore-throat & flu). Trimmed/shaved fur at tail. Colarless.
Lost Date : 16th May Evening approx 4pm
Residence Address : UB10, Tmn Ukay Bistari
Please Contact If Found/Seen : Nik 012-6652531 OR Niki 012-9154340.

OR, Please Return If Locked Inside Your House/Cage!!!
TQ / Terima Kasih.

The whole family is still grieving over the lost of my late dad last 11th.
Suffering of severe chest pain and being kicked out of hospital even though he was in deep need of doctor care, finally he rested in piece.
What to do, our free government health delivery system is still in poor condition.

After few days returning to KL, our dearest cat, Comel was lost, or missing.
This is the 1st incident after almost 7 years been with us.
Whenever he ecsaped from the cage before, he never failed to return home.
But this time its really fishy.
He must have been caught and kidnapped, and traveled to other place outside neighborhood, OR, he was locked in cage by whoever they think they are.

I am in the midst of distributing the missing cat ad throughout the neighborhood.
Comel, being the cutest cat decsribed by most people, was easily identifiable.

He was so adorable, with charming look, but one cannot really go near or touch him, he may scratch (not bite) in a blink of seconds, leaving the victim (like me) a bloody, painful cut.

Anyone nearer, or far, who might have glimps of him, please let me know.

I AM TIRED OF LOSING, even though you may say : "Its LIfe!"