Monday, November 30, 2009

Rainy Raya Haji

In these rainy days everywhere from KL to Kerteh to KB left many of us in no raya mood.
However seem the mode was auto switch by itself coz there are family, relatives, and neighbors.
For somebody single, raya can be spent whole day bulging on our comfy bed. I envied them.
But for those who have their own family (ies) like me, we have to just move with the flow.
Sorry singles, I am not saying that u'all dont have a family, but your family circle is slighty smaller rather than us married.
I meant, its only listening to our mother the only person will nag on the endless sleeping marathon on rayas.
Unlike us who have more voices to listen to (mom's, dad's, sisters', brothers,' in laws', MIL's , etc).
When they are talking about responsibilty to us, the lists are a bit longer too.

So, here I am stuck in P Chepa, KB.
Only happens to be to KB Mall this evening and spend $100.
Other than that, only body-weight-addition programmes.
Gosh, I missed my whole family in Kerteh coz just spent 2D/1N with them (doesnt this sound like a holiday brochure?) coz hubby got many commitments in KB.~wlh crook face eating icecream. Why she wants to show such a cruel face still puzzles me..~this set is a lucky draw gift offered by one of the supermkt in PC.
So whitey. I didnt try my luck to scout for it over furnitures stores around town coz everybody seem to give a no-no and blur answers when asked of their whereabout.

~Dina, wlh's cousin from Lipis is a toddler now
~the bear picture sampler for my next sketch reference.Hopefully..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bathroom Plaque

I must be exaggerating way too much when I have finished first daisy!

Room plaques for Nieces

Having learn few strokes techniques, I am trying to do as much and as frequent as possible with a thought that everyday I will keep improving.
And its proven even though the fur is not yet obvious to the naked eyes.
The teddy bear sketch, which will be taught by my Sifu in the next ahead class but I am so eager to try 1st on my own.

And the victim recipient of the end products are none than my nieces in L144 Kemaman.
Hopefully, they will hang the plaques proudly on their private room doors.
Only one free message : Please be thankful that your parent is not in the military profession, if not I will proudly stroll into your rooms smell nothing but a clean and fresh aroma. ~a single bear for a niece who conquer one whole room for herself in the house

~I am adding some new finishing ribbon~the duo for the middle and third niece who share their room.~think that I should get more variety ribbons, in stripey, polka dots, etc

Folkart Again

Since my 1st folkart class, I became addicted to draw.
Never thought the hobby is so addictive, and a day is incomplete without doing anything related.
After pressing my mind looking for a sketch idea to put on the plaque, finally managed to produce one humble piece.
Please forgive me if it is not to anyone's expectation, coz I am pleasing only myself.
~a castle by a river. The trees are meant to be maple which I should use more darker red with choc and yellow shade, has became pink (again?) instead..maybe next time it will get better

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New House

Here are some photos for you nice wievers, whats not here meant they are totally incomplete section or really, really an eyesore lol!!
~First eyesore (as for the 1st impression) my neighbor renovated their gate, without the proper garbage area make my front compound as theirs dumping area (I try, tried to think positive, it must be the stray dogs garbage-ransacking activities at nite..)
~the newly cleaned front yard, my mini garden-to-be
~this is whats done on the front main door so far, from outside .
~from inside,at last my rooster runner became useful. Wlh still gave me silly/otai answers when I asked how many cocks/hens are there..~the lounge area in front of main door entrance .
~the console acts as a divider btw the lounge and the dine area.~the spacious living room, more rugs to come courtesy from hubby.
~the disqualified interior designer touch...who else?
~the discontinued Biby for my teapots and Bunga Kangkung collections display.~the oversized 20x24ft oven still waiting for a proper buffet/table to put onto.
~the Smadals still sit in the dine area (mind the die-hard model..)~both wall shelves occupied with Portmeirion Botanic Roses plates, mugs n canisters.

Now that the essay starts here:

We finally moved last 2 weeks, and officially the hse isnt running completely 100%.
Why I said so? Coz my hubby's countless clothes are still in the storage, and imagine the space it occupies in the guest's room.

So the room was a complete mess. And I cant make up the room as long as they are not in proper wardrobe until he got his three Ikea Aneboda (next month's budget allocation).
And as according to hubby, all his five door wardrobe he bought fr Carrefour went into his step-brother's room, so there they were right now. Funnily, only I door was occupied coz he didnt have much cloth collection like my hubby's.
Sadly, none of my picture/photo frames was hung, yet.
~Also, I just realised how small the kitchen is, only a slight bigger to our previous.
(Considering both my refrigerator and cooker are quite big sized).
~boxes still stacked in the kitchen
I dont want to be lost finding an item, and spending a pause thinking of where to put it back after use.
And I am running out of space (again!) to store all the cooking utensils, tupperwares,etc etc. Yes I got space, but I need a proper storage system for easy retrieval.
Think all the housewife will agree to that, unlike those who really have fancy kitchen and cabinet system only for display (like the Malay says; Dapur Jarang Berasap)
As for who are more fortunate to have spacious both wet and dry kitchen...they must be having lots of space luxury till the separation is possible.

~also newly cleaned back yard, reserved for washing machine and cats cage~the lil princess on mummy's gateaway

My First Folk Art

In the midst of new home reorganising ie recluttering and decluttering, I cant miss to attend a very generous folkart class generously offeredby Teacher is her page :
After being lost 2 times, and being honked by few lorry drivers (as if I need to shout : "I am lost, you i***t!"), I reached the Sifu's den aka soho.

Marvellous house cum studio, even though I dont think Sifu intentionally wants to create a mini studio at all. All her masterpieces were displayed on racks and shelves, and they didnt make her house mess unlike some I saw over the net.

Since I wanted to respect the other students' privacies, I didnt shoot any photo at all.
But, here is my 1st folkart piece. I am proud of it even though its not really that grand.
Said to myself i couldnt believe it tat I can produce tis someday..almost got me in down in tears...
I owe so much to my Sifu, many thanks Sifu!!