Friday, June 4, 2010

(Amateur) Daisy Painted Shovel

Today is Friday and AU2 Jusco is having a Special Member Day to tap off money from me (ha ha ha ha..)

Yesterday I had finished varnishing the two blue shovels painted with my amateur-daisy painting.
So amateur that I had to comfort myself with a thought that I will improve over time and it will get better and less eye soring after I have my real painting class on the subject: daisy (ies)...
And the fact that I had been infected with a 'hard-to-satisfy-person' disease from my ex-boss.
The whole office will agree with me that he is a perfectionist that everything we do is never near to perfect, nonetheless to perfect!

Next week they(shovels) will be available for sales by my sister.

I am expecting her and a niece family over this weekend, in which they are arriving in few hours from now.

Till then, chow..I had so many things to do to be a near-perfect host!!