Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Enamel Can

I was jumping to joy after been told by my sister that she managed to sell all of the merchandise passed to her.
Many thanks to her effortless sales ..
While procuring some stocks, I realised many are not my own craft made.
Sadly, I only have these limited enamel vases to be sold..

~the gold curve embossed creme enamel watering can cum vase without stout

~the flower embossed creme enamel watering can vase with stout

~the creme-coloured duos
~the flower embossed raindrop enamel watering can cum vase with stout

~the flower embossed raindrop enamel watering can cum vase without stout

~the raindrop-coloured duos

~the strawberry mini pail
Back in UB, I still had few item still in commisioning.
As other FA practitioners know, painting only can be done in the right mood at the right time, if not : disaster!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My House is Crowded

What to say, even moving to a bit bigger house (2 times the previous smaller size)I am still juggling between spaces for countless things around.
what are those? Well , with my new folk art hobby, I had many brushes, paints, frames, wooden plaques, enamels, and other related gadgets (tubs, etc).

And I am having many cotton and curtains fabrics for future projects (all well plan inside my head, just waiting for execution time, when will tat be?)

With idle enamels around, my daughter has made full utilise of them...


Teacher's Day Wood Plaque Project

After spending a week at kg while attending my niece wedding at Balok Kuantan, I am now back to KL for action.

Frankly I've been ignoring folkart for a while, with lots , lots of excuse.
Firstly, almost all my mediums have finished.
Then after charging a card (coz I am short of cash, or should I say penniless?), part of my gadgets are half completed.
After that, I realised I have also finished my white gesso.

With the order received fr my two nieces at Kemaman gave me reason to be at the store again.
Having gesso in hand, the search were then aimed to 19 pcs of wooden plaques at the most economical cost (coz they are student with limited budget), saw me off to OU, the Curve, Midvalley and then back again to the Curve.

After paying 4 parking tickets, and few times Touch n Go swiping, the hunting day was called off.
Mission completed, and me, the lil one and my brother lifted our heavy fat ass home.
We arrived home safely and satisfied.

So, days were filled with the chores, from preparing the woods surfaces, gessoing, back ground colouring, painting, and varnishing.
~the woods ready to be coloured for back ground ~for wording insertion, with head banging of which brush to use for the little small words~after words been inserted

~zoom on one of the so deeply humble piece

Today I just realised that I need a Medium that I should get during earlier store visit, hargggg....