Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mad of flower

I was browsing for Jean Perry pillows, but end up buying these unplanned item...

~and someone also took advantage on the situation to get this MM carpet~honestly, this MM carpet really spoilt mummy's English theme living room.

Someone need to be reminded tat I am not running a Disney Playhouse or Mickey Clubhouse here!


Someone really kept mummy tired.
When mummy is about to put the head on rest, she will ask for a milk feed, this n that, n the lists are endless...and its mummy who has to tidy up everything at the end of day (but for how long?)
~rearranging ...~messed with mummy's tins
~unboxed mummy's tissues~only because the box has princess on it~mummy has set a table for breakfast n I stole the glass for playing with... ~but mummy really cant tolerate tis one; the glass on the bike handle(?)

Reading Spree

I am shamed to be Malaysian because among the tallest, longest, widest of something, we scored as the least book reader society (only 8 books per year if I m not mistaken, pls correct me if I was wrong).
So this Ramadhan I have started (restarted?) my long forgotten hobby; reading.

~~Besides the usual fashion magazines and recipes books for coming Raya cookies ideas, I had finished reading fast coz one doesnt need to utter every word written..~I had to order this fr MPH Midvalley to be sent to Alpha Angle outlet , but without the proper tools (brushes and more paints) this has not been fully utilised, yet.~and this is a compulsory Ramadhan spirit pump-in, but it goes really slow. Maybe becoz one had to utter every word, except for the commas n pull stops?

New Deco Hanger

In the mists of busying myself with countless laundry, cooking n etc,I dared to complete this piece.
Earlier plan is to hang it in my kitchen but now its finished and seemed too delicate, now I am confuse of where to hang it then.
~the original hanger before starting~the end result

Sunday, August 23, 2009

DIY Tins

Here are some of few tins I had started decoupaged somewhen last year.. And since I've been back to KL, some friends have asked of my whereabout...

Having a better toy (other than paint and brush n scissors and varnish) to maneuvere around the KL city, I was busily occupied with sending and picking hubby's laundry, shopping for groceries, spying on 'someone', going for a facial treatment, entertaining out of town guests, etc
Also, hubby has asked me to clean and clear some area in the middle room to fit a threadmill(?, I am wondering where is it?) for me to run through. So the house was a bit mess, and this pic done the justice to my confession...

And I am still making myself busy decoupaging few more tins, and these are them unvarnished, yet.~the fourth
~the fifth
~the sixth

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dady's Away

Ramadhan is arriving but my hubby was away, 1st time since we been married.
This time he off to Jakarta so I invited my lil brother and his friend to break fast with me.
I cooked a simple nasi kerabu, poor hubby he missed the cooking.

After sending sis and her hubby to bus terminal straight away to AEON AU2. People cramped to get their fresh poultry supplies on the 1st day of fasting cum weekend, and I opted for the same.
I've told my sis I wont buying anymore fish or whatsoever from the ****mat wet market coz I had bought a bad fish.

And pity I cannot identify it (I am thinking about others? are they luckier?). Their lighting tricks make it hard to identify bad fish in general appearance.
I resorted to pay a bit more penny on more freshier fish.
To the fishmonger, no offence...I remember one of the tort rule of thumb: "Buyers Beware".
So I am practicing my right as a customer in my affordable capacity, I knew I can do better.

Then I visited a newborn Shamsinar's baby with the rest of present MESB and MITSB gang.
~with dady away, waielah has conquered the bed to her liking:posing, jumping and jumping!

House Plaque for a Niece

This plaque has been finished since last month but the delivery was postponed one after another, mainly because I didnt manage to install the hanger properly.
I have made trips to many hardware shops uptowns and downtowns but couldnt find a proper size of the frame hanger, mainly they had big size in which I prefered the small one.
So last week I mailed the plaque to the owner and she happily received it in Kuala Lipis.
Here is the so down-to-earth plaque...
Be calm dear, coz...these yor raya flowers, unarranged yet. I m sorry...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ups and Downs

Everybody has experienced these in their own lives. When we had good time, we smiled alone remembering the good times, and thank the Creator.
But nothing compares to the pain going thru the most lowest of our life.
Worse, it makes me wanting to stab myself to end the misery.
It all started with a severe and painful backache, a legacy from my chair falling 15 yrs ago.
In pain, my loved one said something that I cannot TRULY accept, that cause it not registered in my memory (how many fights we had, we tend to remember the little details of them).
And I said one word back to him and it backfires me almost every second in my life from the moment I spurred it.
And having mom-in-law and other in-laws didnt help at all...and it makes my tears so cheap, and calling for my late mom lately.
Ya Allah, this humble woman seek Yor undivided strenght to face all these challenges..AMINNN..
And I m back to KL.