Friday, July 24, 2009


A recent visit to my relative house really broke my heart. I have gave her two hanging plats, one for the kitchen and the other to welcome other to their new house.
When I was in her daughter room, I saw my contribution has been redecorated by her.
And its a total dissappoinment other than seeing my sick sister left veged out.
Why cant she appreciated mine? If she wants other wording to be on the plat, all she need is ONLY a courtesy to ask me to make another custom-made one.
~the original giveaway...(is this really a bad piece of art?)
~turned into this!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Junior Massuer

Whenever waielah is around at the grandpa's house, he will try to ask her help as much as possible. One of the help that she is willing to do (some she relucting) is to act as massuer. But with her tiny fingers, even a big pinch or punch can hardly be felt.
So grandpa insists her to hop on his tired legs and thighs. But she overly do it and extend to the hip and back too. I do not encourage her to step on the back coz grandpa's has experinced backache as he aged, according to the orthopedist, his back disc has decayed. As a result, some bones became sharp and kept crunching on his back causing severe pain. Pity him.
~first, the leg, then the thigh....
~then lets climbing further up... and more!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exploring Kampung

I missed to post this entry due to other urgent commitments. This is some of the activities that my daughter and her members (niece, nephews, cousins) enjoyed much.
Its like visiting a monkey park (like the one in Penang) but these monkeys are not friendly. They are dominering and will attack at anytime.
This took place on the way to the airport, well known among locals who also came and brought their kids to free view (not touching) the animal.
~as soon as any car slow down and pull over by the roadside, they anxiously waiting for any free food. Most of the time they are noticed fighting and quarelling each other...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Alone at Kg

When some of the nieces, nephews, and cousins have gone back to their houses after visiting sick grandma, waielah was left all alone by herself with mummy. And of course mummy is having headache to plan some activities for here they are ...~getting on Ronald McDonald at 24-hrs restaurant at any time
~play with newly hatched chick...
~trying everything on the playground
~being mummy's unofficial co-pilot
~giggling politely on spastic jokes
~but most of the times; sucking tasteless fingers..

Fruits Season

For me its more to a non-stop coughing season. Yesterday I had one whole durian (only 1 ya!), and the warming/hot effect made me sweat heavily for more than 48 hrs.
Last Saturday me n my sister went to Kg Chabang to pluck and pick some rambutan from a tree that my sister leases for this season. Thank God she only managed and decided, to lease one tree. If not she will regret it coz its not worth it at all.
The lessor acts as if we came to rob/ransacked the tree, and have no courtesy at all, to provide us with the proper rod to pluck the rambutans, yet he insist one of us to climb it rather than roding it. Obviously the fruits tend to be at the edge of the tree hand, and at the most softest part. What a heck. Surprisingly, he is my late mum's foster sister's husband.
And they answered some of our question sarcastically, even though my late grandparent treated her as her own daughter. People, relatives, us, all tend to lost our moral nowadays. God forbid! Being in the situation sometimes make us wonder what we have done, have we really done anything wrong?Hurt someone? Commit big/serious sin , etc.
~the victim; the innocent tree
~we also brought some free labours to assist ...
~as for waielah, she has been luckly lately, for able to see life animals, in live
~she is so excited chasing around a little lamb to touch it ...
~we are not monkey like this one, but are people like you too!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Pressure is always viewed as negative, but it also should be denoted to a positive connotation (am i rite?).
When we are under pressure, our body discharge certain good enzime to help us better react to the goal that should be achieved, the one that put us under the condition in the 1st place.
Sometimes, as for me, I had done lots of thinking.
Someone lovely always remind me that the Creator has arranged everything to the bests, up to a very tiny little detail. For example, a couple. From one's point of view, the certain man is not compatible to a particular woman. Oftenly labelled as 'Like the beauty and the Beast', but actually its the best man for that woman and vice versa.
For those who have difficulty in understanding this 'sum', hopefuflly this pic helps in explaining what I am talking about here...

~this is my lil girl. Note her totally mismatched blue and pink crocs, kept me laughing my head off (to tears la tu!)

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Car for Mummy

After countless of direct-sound to a loving hubby, I finally (at last!!) got a car to go anywhere I wanted. So no more counting on daddy or brother-in-law, relatives or friends. What a relief!
After daddy got his fancy toy (and he has been 'cucuk'ed many times in highways or loways, as a rude invitation to "Lets Race!"), he roared to his desired speed.
And as for me he resorts for a simple yet chic perodua for me to round the city.
From now on, there will be a permanent passenger who will chaperoned lonely mummy to everywhere; waielah of course!
~new mean of transportation other than routine cab, bus, trains etc....
~the comfy (perasan!) seat has made tis lil boy fallen asleep, soundly!
~and they are having a sleeping marathon at the back seat!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Loved One with Stroke - Part I

I was at KL when she was struck with 2nd stroke attack. And many had told me that a second time will be worse or the worst,up to a point the patient will be left veg out (lay down just like 'seasoned' vegetable), and wear diaper (adult diaper as oppose to baby's). This has came true. With warning, but some people, surrounding, loved one, seems to ignore by chance. Its just for fun or not to think a bit deeper, or not to get themselves unnecessary headache, or they are making countless of excuses, which one of them is if they do 'a little bit more', then they will be broke that they will have nothing to eat. I was speechless of these lame excuses, and they can make thousand of them with their intelligent brain (with low IQ of course!), but I dont care.
The most important thing that everybody must remember is, whatever happen may happen to them with Allah permission, in return. Its only in a matter of time. And they who claim that they are the followers (Muslim and Islam), they need to check, or get back to their scholar on the priciple of tawakkal (rest to Allah after strive) and strive (usaha).Because they need to rethink which one come first.
For me, we must try, strive our best at the best capacity before leaving to Allah to decide.
Not just strive at your 1/4 capacity and then leave to rest.
I am trying hard, and harder to get her back to her normal life and will not stop until succeded.
Here once again the question of real love pop up in my mind.
I think also, its a plastic, its not a real love.
Believe me this tends to happen to just anyone by mistake.
And I am very dissappointed for knowing such persons.
I just want my sister gain her normal active life back, and out of misery of course!
I am praying only to Him.Amin!!!!
(and for the ignored party I am not that noble in yor eyes to advise you on your vague beliefs)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Animal Day

During this time balik kg (yes, again. I just came back last week and had to return) today my sister brought me to visit my other sis at Dungun and she really like to breed animals; hens, goose(so sad suddenly they all died instead of being slaughtered), so she had these goats now.
Being raised by cats-lover parents, waielah develops her tender affection towards animal, regardless of whether they are harmful or pet animal. She has been bit many times by cats in grandpa's house, but when she return on the next trip she forgot that she used to be bitten by the cats, so she will try to pat them as much as possible.
~putih n kelabu, waielah's cats back home
~they are colorful goats; this one is whitey

~and these are the junior breeders.No...they are a bunch of kids who dare to point, squeeze, and bite all kind of animals

Thursday, July 2, 2009

When We Say 'I Do'

An entry in my buddy brother Vadai blog on 'I am Not that Scary' touched me.
Yet some out there like me are wondering to whom it may be dedicated to, that person must pay a subsequent attention and seriousity..
In Muslim wedding, as opposed to the Christians (other religion may practice it too that I dont know), there is a ritual called exhanging vow. Where both couple, generally will vow to each other that to take their mate in whatever less blessing condition of whether during poor, sick, and only death can tear them apart.
This is absent in Muslim wedding.
But the moment that a woman like me say yes to a man to enter into a contract name marriage, naturally the same vows are expected from both sides.
Then what happen one day, if one party starts demoralised the other one with endless torture for being sick(?), even though tender care has been practiced in taking care the whole body sytem by avoiding few self-deteriorating culprits like: drugs, drinks, multiple sex partners, smoking etc etc....
Being not vowing the 'vow' during the wedding make one clueless of how to protect and defend his/herself from the degrading party.
This has triggered many questions in my head, actually its countless and is accelerating.
That am I really a bad person, a bad 'one side' who doesnt support the system? That I deserve this BAD?
For those all my loving fella out there regardless of gender, who are still single and having choices, please choose wisely.
Get whatever opinion you can get on the one you are going to say 'yes' to.
And for those who had, please accept my bests of all. Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Enuf Said

The pictures are self-explained....
What can I say.....I am just a little molecule in the vast atomic world....
~waielah been dressed down coz she had just vomitted right after Bentong toll
~dady's girl enjoys in dad's new toy
~Even though the purpose and goal of this trip is to visit mummy's sick sister, the innocent lil girl is set to rock n roll with the other cousins