Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am trying to occupy my limited free time to do few new exploration project.
In the midst of finishing one peg bag for Nurin, this little accident happened while we were enjoying the full-chocolatey Choc Indulgence cake.

The victim, this time, on the little five years old hand, was none other than the Country Rose Corelle bread n butter plate.

I just hold, and gasped my breath, with a cash register "***blink!!!!" sound in my head.
Trying to recall how much they sold it a piece in the market, that was my lost for the day.
Positively, I shouldnt convert any lost in monetary term or, value.
One would say, but I am adjusting my sanity to not to turn to insanity on the wrongdoing and especially, the wrongdoer.

Luckily, no one were njured from the broken pieces scattered on the floor.
By the time, the cake has been fuly salvaged in our stomaches.

However, my patience was again been challenged when this happen :

~YES, my chinas cabinets has been trepassed by the plastic 'masak-masak' toys belong to whoelse...
So, to still be in control I am trying to have another project to be LLB , 'Look Like Busy' as my husband would like to refer to when he saw anyone is bustling around or juggling to do some work done....

Monday, February 14, 2011

How Much Does This Cost?

Few days ago out of the blue when deciding of the lunch menu, suddenly it crossed my mind to cook the gulai lemak ikan masin.

Noticing that my fresh food supplies were running out made me rush to the nearby supermarket, the G at BA. (gee, goods at this G are more pricey than the other Gs)

Yes, this entry is specially post to share with viewers, that I found myself shocked but no choice of looking at the tag of 1 (one) piece of daun kunyit (is it called as turmeric leaf?).

It carry a shocking tag of MYR 0.89...

~due to a bit vague image, pls zoom it if you cant see it clearly

Yeap, yea, some of you who know me may be puzzled.

Gosh, lately the main commodity ie petrol price per litre has risen from MYR2.15 to 2.30.
In the same month again to 2.40 then till now 2.50....and all other things follow voluntarily.
For a non-price sensitive inelastic demanded goods like petrol, we consumers left with no choice except for only pay at whatever price, even at MYR10/litre we still WILL PAY...or, have to....

Gosh again, my economics vocabs are rusting like a worn out enamel...

Salute 1Malaysia!!!! WE Pledge Our Loyalty to Our Country!!!

P/s: This message DOES NOT contain any political elements at all

Sunday, February 13, 2011

DIY-Peg Bags

My bought peg bags are too precious to be used as a peg bag.
Ideally the bag should then be outside purposely to store laundry pegs, but I am worried that the harsh weather will make it dull, so such a waste.

Its been lingering in my mine besides the thread and cushions plots, and wanting to produce one on my own.
(wonder what else are my plots ?)

So I decided to trace and cut from the existing LA, reminding myself of how pricey there are.
Not to mention and be compared to the Portmeirion which are far more pricey.
Originally aiming to have a jumbo size to occupy the lil one school books, which is :

~I am suffering of big headache and tantrum temper of having a lil mess-maker in the house

~hopefully some of the books will be stored in this supersize peg bag

And I also made another extra 5 bags to be given away to my nieces, yes, I had more than five, but I assumed only this figure will appreciate them.
To date since, I've been busy playing a good housewife role to a husband who had just came back from farm, I managed to finish four only.

~I only had a basic stitching sewing machine so the lettering were stiched using the button hole mode

Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY Otak Otak

Last week the whole clan went back to Kerteh while daddy only stayed in the farm house for the entire duration.
We left KL on a rainy Sunday, and the three cats were comfortably clamped at the back of the jeep, with everything, from a Suzuki TS250 and other farming equipment.

Things were no different at the back of the seat, where my suitcase and Waielah's were arranged by daddy.
Being a loving father, he managed to reserve one seating space next to the piled trunks enough for the small body to lay for rest.
But, nothing compares to mummy's comfy lap seating, and the calming body heat, that the lil one still climbed to me for a nap along the journey.

On CNY holiday ie Thursday, we had a simple family gathering, with nothing but makan-makan agenda, of course!
From Monday, my brother had helped to cut me some fresh coconut leaves from my dad's front yard where I recut into a proper measurement to pack some otak-otak.

As per my sister's expert request, the leaves are supposed to be aired for 3 days, so that it will be gently soft on the packing day to avoid any breakage or leak.
And also some string from the leaves balances were cut with sharp end to clip the two leaves together in approximately 6cm each.
Yes, the tree was proven to be a real multi-use, not to mention the coconut milk and grated young coconut grated were the main ingredients for the otak-otak's fishes marinate spice.

Since my sister promised that all the marinate ingredient will be prepared in her house and had it brought to my dad's house, so I had no chance to actually jot down the recipe.
I only experienced the process once with my sister long time ago, when I am not quite a serious to learn, and countless times with my beloved late Mom.

The day came and my other sister brought 4 kilos of three variant fishes, and the otak-otak were barbecued inside the kitchen.
And yes, my dad is still a traditional guy who had one cooking space for us to use traditional method of cooking, like this time charboil; by using some woods, char, dried coconut shell (again),etc, etc.
~mmmm, for those who had tasted this Terengganu's (not the other Johor's Tg Gelang style), the experience is....unexplainable

~somehow, the burning fire was in pink when caught by camera...

After digging on the otak-otak, we went off to Kg Chabang for a distant family's grand wedding (by the local standard) and had a sumptous wedding's gulai (two thumbs up), so yumm...

And to the nearby daddy's farm to send away some for him and the crews to feast on.
Then to MMall to shop some gift for my brother's House Warming (another makan2?)aka Kenduri Doa Selamat tomorrow.

I am filled, how many kilos gained this time?