Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raya Wishes

To All My Muslim Readers,
Waielah's Mummy would like to wish all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and please do take care our loving family tis festive season.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Balik Kg Mood in KLCC 2

I've been to KLCC again today for Sony Style, and the lil one enjoyed some Aunt Anne's pretzels.
So yummy, more yummyliscious when you are fasting eh? (even so tempting on normal day, imagine during the fasting?)
Some riddles in my mind that what the Dato' Lat's caricatured deco are for now answered.
They are creating a really expensive, grand atmosphere for a Raya Bazaar.
Nothing new, just the usual kiosk at exhorbitant price tags as usual, but tis time selling more specific items for Raya ie scarfs, tudungs, sampings, and some Raya cookies.
Even at the tag, still I saw people flocked by to shop, so rich...

~the scenic view from top floor~the counters are meant to be the kiosks..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raya Cookies 1

With the arrival of the gigantic burner, I had decided to bake a lemon cheese cake.
But with the conflicts of baking time btw the one in the book and the burner guideline, my cake was uncooked in the middle of it.
Also baked is some Raya cookies, a mixed walnut cookies, only a small portion for the st trial, and I had only one piece of oven rack (bad ?)
The good thing is, it only takes less than 10 minutes to bake the cookies, and some of mine has gone overcooked (half charcoal).
I need to get the 2nd rack with a knowledge that it cost RM95 a pc and I joked to the tokey it comes all the way fr land of Pizza, Italy. My hubby only can connect it with his fav Salvatore Ferragamo!

~all look good from outside...the holes on the cake face are courtesy of my lil girl who can resist something tempting!~but my bad luck ; uncooked in the centre~some finely cooked cookies...Alhamdulillah!!~upon return fr supermarket, mummy's Buttercup has became a victim of this hungry creature. Mummy was in joy to see her seldomly-eating daughter, but to a butter? She loves the salty creamy taste of the soft butter lately...(for mummy its quite an expensive appetite, and not so healty too)~Mummy losts 5-10gm of the butter from the dip-and-lick process..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Balik Kg Mood in KLCC edt

I was browsing at KLCC yesterday and found this lovely decoration at Ramli Mall (or is it Centre Court? sorry cant remember).
The sketch to create a live effect was caricatured by our famous Dato' Lat. Salute Dato'!
So inviting till Waielah has passed the guard rail and made her way to the house , but mummy managed to shout for warning before she dropped mummy's "water face" (so Manglish ya)...
The pictures do the justice, even though it is not yet fully decorated, the whitey deco in English theme is soooo, drolling..
~I have seen many bird cages, but never this soooo gigantic...
~the house, look so alive!~the stall? maybe they are trying to set up a stall to sell something; Dato' Lats' books perhap..

My Oven Gift

I had just scrapped my Butterfly electric round oven, jammed, only because the filamen has dropped down so every time the power is on the circuit will automatically switch it off.
So after begging and begging and black-mailing, hubby surrendered to UnHuat to buy me the bargained Europa Velencie 688e, at RM1000.
But he dared to call me in front of the tokey and told me its look so 'kokak/cikai/whatever(?)', and suggested a superior one; the Indensit.
One he should know is he should not compare a Malaysian-made Europa with Italian-imported one, its just like comparing the Proton/Perodua with Peugeot/Alfa, its not an apple to an appple ma! Anyway, thanks Hubby for this, but please do not expect that this will buy me to nod for yor 2nd wife proposal!!!

~the Valencia 688e. I copied this photo fr WMC forum many months ago, sorry I am not able to credit the owner coz I cant remember whom she is..~my latest toys, quite anxious to start my Raya cookies project. Lets the game begin!!!~0bviously, it is very big for my small kitchen. Remember the CIMB Home Financing tv commercial (the 2 people stuck/bumping by each other in their small kitchen)?My sis said the ad really reflects my house....

P/S: SOS calling for this brand current user to PLEASE share with me the tips of using this machine, coz they had many baking variety and I am so lazy to read the manual...

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Wall Cabinets

After ding dong on my hectic balik kg schedule, I had managed to collect these two wall cabinets from Kak Halimah akak Ctima of WMC.
Cramping my head where to put them up, finally I had rest the Portmeirion canisters on one of the cabinets, while it sits firmly on top of Smadal. Hope it will not fall down...

~one cabinet has been occupied. Left are unhang Ayatul Kursi frame,~empty vase, (does tis mean tat I had to keep buying flowers n flowers?,No Way!)~unframed plaque,~and more...

First Portmeiron Collection

After waiting for quite some time, finally I had my Portmeirion ordered from lovely and generous Kak Shida of
A journey to Country Homes Rawang was well worth.
So this entry is mainly an eyes theraphy, enjoy!!!!
~5 out of 6 Botanic Roses mugs~3 Botanic Roses canister (aiming for another 3 )~up on the wall shelf (on top of smadal) there they go~set of 6 Botanic Roses dinner plate, so lovely

In Flowery Mood

Last Wed I've been Jln TAR Ramadhan Bazaar. Despite the fasting month, my adrenaline is running high and fast due to few reasons.
First, I drove to there and parked at the paid parking opposite the Campbell, and rather than the usual daily rate of $3/5, this parking operator really took advantages of this festive season.
Just because of high traffic is predict and expectable to be at JTAR, particularly to the bazaar, they raised the rate to $7. And theres no point to argue, yet you just saw the new rate being hung next to the lady cashier. No significant/proper rate signage can be foreseen from the entrance ie Jln Dang Wangi.
And please, please, do not ever try to link it to the newly announced fuel priced hike, coz they dint run anything (maybe, except for the cash register machine) that use petrol/diesel.
Secondly, the weather was so cloudy cum calmy when we left home, but it turned super bright and sunny at the bazaar. (Imagine walking among the crowd in tat weather during fasting)
Thirdly, my SIL kept looking and hoping for a cheaper piece of stripey blouse (at the rate of KB of course) with the knowledge of impossibility, but she dares to day dreaming. Poor pity girl. She got a taste of KL people but not willing to pay for the price. She had troubled me many times before that I had kept my eyes close. Somebody (not me!) really needs to spank tat girl and wake her up from her dreams. Enuf of her!
Fourthly,I had an eye for a nice table runner but the sellers seem not to tolerate for even a dollar bargain! No need to ask them, all will be given are the old same lame excuses; they had to bear high rent, costly products etc etc bla bla....Okay, but dont blame the DBKL when you are not making money/profit enuf at the end of month coz we customer are TIRED, u know???? No wonder some people resort to the nearby air-conditioned S**o that always on sale (I wonder how come they advertise this (SALE) for 365 days a year. Kah kah kah, my sister been there during the Sale regardless of its not fasting day, its was really tiring experience coz u cannot walk, and shop and pay, because people are everywhere cramped at their small lane, and long queue at every counter (they had an island counter which up to 4 can operate simultaneously but they only have courtesy of opening maybe 1 or 2, ONLY!)
Like a non-tired grandma, there are lots more to mumble but I spare those only to myself.
So, here are some of my catch of the day....enjoy!!!
~My 1st overpriced tiara tudung, my sister want to vomit listening to the piece style at the price ~Soft green rose, like going there coz they have more choices of flower rather than usual florist~on top of Biby cabinet~Also soft green hydrangea, (these and above only cost me $130)~on top of smadal there it goes
~topiary tble runner for tble of 6 for my sis at Paka, so lovely at $35 (cannot get cheaper anymore?)