Friday, April 27, 2012

I am Internetless

Asalamualaikum, Ola All Gorgeus!!

Since my move back to hometown, my internet has been absent.
Moreover, Wlh's daddy also left his lappy in KL office.
My lappy?
Year ago he sent it to fella friend for a repair but never seriously pick it up.
Me am wondering ever since why he was so ignorant, which a question of is it because a non-income generator aka duo-breadwinner, then the one does not deserve a lappy at all?
Because all I do was only online shopping, blogging, blog hopping etc etc?
Besides I also search for infos.
Not to deny, the net maintains my sound mind
Without it I may be in other state.
Then if that happens, nobody will take on the blame.
Yeah I am not blaming anyone, just seek cooperation.

Since (again) I am blogging directly from a niece's house in Kuantan, there are still some story I want to share here.
But without photos, a post or two wont be complete.
So lets postpone the posting then.

After all I am blessed to be alive.....

Keep reading readers, many thanks !!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I am Back Home

Last month the whole family has moved back to my late dad's home at Kerteh.
The absence of lappy made me really bored, but not with nothing to do.
I still have piles of boxes yet to be unpacked and put into proper place.
Gosh, in this big house where space is unlimited, I have shortage of storage cabinets to organise everything.

And also last month's 18th saw that little kiddo attending the Pre-School at Kg Baru.
So goes the morning wake-up call and other tedious routine,by the resistant lazy fella.

The four cats also suffered of a long trip (even though its only 4 hours) nausea.
The resettlement is so damn tiring.
Here goes the same routine of packing, lifting, unpacking and reorganising. Argghhh....