Friday, March 26, 2010

Delayed Post- Rohaizads' March Birthday Bash Party

~Attending a birthday party could be so much fun for a small kid like her

The event took place last 20th but my lappy was sent for repair and reconfig, so many pictures became untraceable even though the technician did the backuped.
I only managed to transfer these today...
This, made make 'hangin satu badan', imagine the smokes came out from my ears now!!! ~the eldest of the Rohaizads, Umar with his mum's bake Ben-10 cake
~all the way along the party Waielah kept asking and eyeing this cute Barbie Doll Birthday Cake after numerous coaxing from mummy that the cake is not hers
~the fact the she had to wait for the cake to be cut by the birthday girl 1st. Still the Barbie is not for her.
Thanks a zillion to the Rohaizads for having Waielha n mummy at the party........

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mum & Daughter's Project

With my sister-in-law visit to our house my schedule became full with shopping and places to visit list.
A day before she went back to KB, me and my daughter managed to bake some cookies.
And the tricky part was to deco it properly and beautifully with royal icing where Waielah loved to get messy with the colors.
~the teddy bears are the most hot item among the kids. I managed to make only 5 colors variations this time
~After begging and jumping, and good-behaving of course, Waielah got this carousel from LL~and mummy got this...~having this mummy is still aiming for a bigger one but not yet in store fr KKHD~Waielah got a complimentary entrance to Sunway Lagoon for being below 90cm tall but she just liked the pooling activity. All the chances to play the other outdoor games were wasted~after 1.5 years been brought back fr ChatukCak Bangkok market, the onion finally produced the flowers....Am I a bad, really bad gardener?