Saturday, December 19, 2009

2nd Folkart Class

Last Thursday I didnt have much choices then having to bringing all my nieces and nephew to my teacher's house for a folkart class.
Coincidently my niece need to be at SSP and the gap btw my class and her arrangement was only 3 hours making it impossible for me to rush back to KL and then again to the same place afterwards for the class.

Subject matter for the day was shelf.
And here is the product even though my daughter is making her usual trouble again.
~the ribbon on the top was finished at home instead at class coz I was rushing back with the kids

House Arrest Starts

Since last few days Waielah has developed few spots on her body which I suspect as chicken poxs.
Last nite her body temp rose as if she is having a fever.
This morning the spots are more obvious and began to increase too.
A check by a doc qualify it was a chic pox (even though she yelled and screamed asking dady to bring her away fr the doc till the doc was curious herself, so Culas!) , so after arriving home I started to put calamine lotion on the spots.

~still can smile widely, coz the pox fever hasnt hit her much, yet...

Monday, December 14, 2009

To Puncak Alam for 1st time

The whole family (even only the 3) were riding in dady's Baby Jag (damn he called the car as Babe, tell me which wife wont get envy?) to UiTM Puncak Alam satellite campus to pick up my niece and her GF from her Martial Art Tournament.
We almost lost because there is no proper signage from Meru at all.
We were heading towards Kuala Selangor/Btg Kali when finally, there is only lucky signage telling the junction to the campus is 500m on the right turn.
Whoever from UiTM authority reads this hopefully will highlight this to the proper management channel, or should I write them an email as a concern visitor.
I doubt coz I just been there to pick up relatives from other uni who happen to compete in the tournement tat took place at their campus.
However, they should if they are community-concern.

I missed all the photo shooting of such a beautiful place to study, compared to my 1st campus in Trolak cum palm estate training centre..

To cut short, just managed to shot one photo of the team memory together (exclude me of course!)
And there is no makan2 at all coz were rushed back to KL to get their bus ticket to Kth.
~Congrats to them even though they didnt win as The Best Team (and so sorry for vague photo quality)

2nd Orange Daisy Berry Stool

I had offered my sister in Paka a stool as a replacement for something that I owed her and she insisted on to have a white stool instead of coloured so with the limited color tubes that I got, I managed to produced this lovely coloured daisy.
Its not really orange, but its really the soft version one that I usually saw a life daisy one.
So holeng (another whistle blowing?)
~And thought that the painting on the stool legs made it too messy, or overcrowded as my husband referred it to as a 'terlebih meriah'.
Wah wah, he had lots to say when asked for, ehem, free opinion!
~unvarnished coz I am a bit tired fr yesterday trip to Puncak Alam..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daisy Berry Stool Project

My hands are becoming more itchy and itchier day after days.

The Berry stool were purchased fr JJ at $35 each and I managed to gessoed one since last 3 weeks, and its been laid uselessly for some times.
My only excuse is to wait til I joined flower painting class which is still in consideration.
I am firm to join, but havent contact the teacher yet for class option.
What? to wait til the sifu come looking for me hah, I need to get up ASAP.
So I tried on my own and was half satisfied with the result...
~the daisies are not well distributed yet~the stool posed next to the never-ending busy-bodied model