Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sorry to My Nieces & Nephews

To all of you out there, your humble aunt would like to express a deep apology for not being able to give you all the green envelope last Raya.
The story starts in 2nd week of Ramadhan, when...

1)My car (even though your Uncle Nik paid for the monthly instalment) has been bumped from behind somewhere in Wangsa Maju.

Even though the damaged was totally claimed from the party that bumped it, but right after collecting it from the workshop, we found out that there were some burnt-out smell came out from the car after been used.

So, upon check-up, we found out that the tyres has been eaten by the rims due to imbalance.
Not to take much risk (even though, again, its only been a year utilisation), Uncle N has changed all the four tyres and has some balancing done, which has used up our Raya money on a day before we went back to kg.
Even a bank cant help for this weekend cheque encashment.
(this left me to blank as where to gorge the duit raya from for you all..)

2)Your self-employed aunt didnt manage to send to tailor for this Raya Baju Kurung, so I ended up buying : my georgeous aka down-to-earth turquoise caftan (no photos), and these lovely maxis for raya, and also for the lil girl who has few pairs too. Still, I missed the real Raya thingy: rantai emas bagan (so kg!), new shoes, new et, etc...(so greedy!)
Basically, all my 'this month' ration has gone on the purchase.

~the maxis (not that telco!)bought

3)I am humbly confess: Uncle N didnt give me extra $$$ for distribution.

All I remembered that was, when I was working he will shout to all his nephews and nieces : "You all, go and get yor angpows from your aunt (me) ". So unfair, isnt it?

Even though I have no right to complain , still I am defending mine.

****But, honestly, I am proud of you all to have such a pride not like other kids who are begging for angpows from the old (er ) like us. No such act was seen last Raya, bravo!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Many Faces of Mummy's Little Clown

This entry is dedicated to my one and only lovely daughter Waielah who has turned 4 last Sept 8th...

~last Ramadhan, mostly she was caught napping as if after been running for 5kms!

~anywhere can be a comfy bed

~in a way too-comfortable-censored sleeping position

~ she posed with 'Peace' already but still has no idea what does it meant literally

~ she loved to get her small fingers then the face dirty with newspaper ink, or daddy's bikes lubricant, or mummy's paint
~ When she has been naughty and scolded by mummy, the corner end is her rehab to sob! and sob!
~ The sofas are tired of her tumbling and for being treated as her trampoline
Mummy's verdict : If only they could scream off the pain
~whenever possible after every new sandal buying, she will wear it indoor on the reason that those in Doraemon worn their slippers indoor too!
Mummy's verdict: too much watching Doraemon!

~She shouldnt be caught near the powder pot if not she will be like this one!
Mummy's verdict: To keep all those bottle or pots (and make-ups) on high and unreachable storage cabinets

~she inherits one of mummy's passions..

~Peace, again..

~she has been caught many times story telling to invisible audience lately..
Mummy's verdict : Its OK for every child to have imaginary friends (even child psychologist would agree)
~she will give her best pose to every camera clicking

~with an up-to-date fashion taste

~when caught red-handedly committed the 'wrongdoings' , 1st response is to give this cheer innocent look

~every bath must be in tub if she insists so

~or she could end up in the pool in the backyard next to the cats' cages

Waielah, if you could read this (even though you havent mastered the A B C), Mummy wants you to know that despite of all your autas (lies or cover-up),Mummy always treasure our moments together....
And years to come...
Happy Being 4 Years Old!!!

Help (s) Wanted

After trying at few deco supplies shops, my search for a egg rack made of MDF board that has 3 tiers, with 10 egg holes per tier came to a dead-end.
A friend of mine, a baker affectionado who like to bake cakes, cuppies, savoury pies and etc has requested an egg rack that can occupy 30 eggs (a stack of egg size purchased from shop)because she can easily finish the eggs and monitor the quantity for restocking. Yes, her home-based business is uprising.

So, for those who can help, please let me know of the carpenter whereabout. I know out there, there are those who have this knowledge and are willing to share, and some who wouldnt care at all.
Talking about sharing, people can easily utter 'sharing is caring' but when it comes to do it personally in a real world situation, only God knows the story!!
~The egg rack should look like this (but before been painted on them)
Noticed that this rack has only 2 tiers, to occupy 20 eggs.
I am looking for 3 tiers with the same capacity for each tier.
Wouldnt it be too heavy to hang, then?

Anybody??? (pls leave details in the comment for me to contact..., many thanks in advance!)