Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small Pails

The pails are not really small, but they are smaller by the watering can featured before.

One of the cons of painting small and titby items like these two, you tend to overpaint few things.
So I am saying to myself, " never mind" and not to expect for perfection for the 1st time (painting small item).

Hopefully I will further improve in future ....

First DIY Painted Watering Can

With the absence of my helpful cum useful telephone camera, I mnissed to shoot the image of the can before the painting was commissioned.
After outflowing few bucks at Low Yat today the phone has been fully operated so I can shoot and post this....
~the tree is the house for the bees's hive. By logic, the bees are way too big compared to the tree, hive and the shovel, but just to make the bees stand out then they have been exaggerate in size , by me of course..~in the garden, there is a wheel barrow, a water-pond fountain, and a bench...

Rooster Egg Shelf - Completed

This shelf has been completed since last 2 wks, but I havent had any chance to post the real photo of it.
The painting of the rooster, if you noticed I have changed from the previous one cause I was really stucked of how to play with the color to tone the hair.
But after few recoating to overlap the previous sketch, I managed to paint it.
~Considered this as my 2nd rooster produced, after the rooster on the heart-shaped wood plaque. In pine green background.Both the roosters are not yet varnished, surprisingly my varnish has finished ....

I am now waiting for this month's budget to get countless of supplies list...ya , yup I am in need of a sack of penny!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Deserted in the barred Island

My jamned telephone has not been working since last weekend.
And its so inconvenient to be in the situation of not being able to get connected with friends, ex-colleague, siblings, and sending sms to husband to get home early (or earlier?).
The latter is most killing me softly, honestly speaking/confessing.

Its like been deserted in the barred (or barren?) island, stranded on the lonely desert, and many other melanchonies that I cant think of.
Its like I cant think straight too, now.

Just to make myself busy I have been busied to paint my Ikea watering can which I bought from the last trip with a friend.
To my frustration, I am not able to snap the photo of the can before and the result today.
Some people may shout to be to be strong or not to make a big fuss of it.
Yeah, its not the end of world, I understood.
But just a feeling that your life is crashing down...imagine how yourself..

After serving me almost 3 years, the phone is tired of my daughter purposely slam dunk on it, not too mention my incidental accidents.
But I thought at the price of $1688 in 2007 (yes, I did remember the tag precisely. My husband did better than me :"I gave $2000, the cashier only changed to me $1". Go figure! ), it should be able to survive longer.
Yeah, supposedly, coz I am going to use it again after it came back fr service centre.
If not, I have no idea what is going to happen to me (rather than to the fon) as my top concern.
And to make thing worse, my backache is not like compromising me too!!

So, what happen to the motto : " N***a, Connecting People" LOL???

Somebody HELP me..........!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WIP 1 - Egg Shelf

I was so excited last week to finish this hen eggs shelf.
Half way when it comes to the hen,suddenly I was blank-minded of how to paint it.
So I have to resort it to the next painting class then...

I am now anxiously waiting for the class day to come.
The plan is during this coming CNY 1-week school break...
Agree to the saying that says "penantian itu satu penyiksaan" or, "waiting is killing"...
~anybody interested in this item please let me know ya..but this is not the final outcome yet

***As at today I had finished with this piece without unvarnished since CNY planned class seems impossible.Will upload the outcome and few others once camera is ready.
***I am now being connected to the world by Nokia most basic cum cheapest fon 1202

Playing Hockey

This is not the sports hockey, but this is my daughter's new hobby.
Out of her 5 days schooling days, she only presented to kindergarten at least 2 or 3 days only.
And her tendencies become more frequent whenever possible especially when daddy wasnt around.
Given his outstation requirement is more frequent too these days, she will take a good advantage of his absence to sleep late, and wake up late to avoid school.
Her dad' order now is to put her to sleep earlier, so that she will be more freshier in the morning.
So that she will be more disciplinised.
Hopefully it works, only if all the Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry DVD's were hid away....~last nite she fall asleep on the couch, even though she played hockey that day.

Make me wonder what has made her so damned tired???

Some Piece of Me

This entry still relates to my previous in relation to having decoration items that have the element of 'me' or 'you' in it.

A sister showed me this letter plaque which I went to get myself one.
Thanks sis, you always inspired me...(you know who you are)...
I am expecting to have the letter in pine green or equivalent, but the shop only had the brown one.
So on top of Biby there it goes....
~so lovely, isnt it? No wonder it comes from the Lovely Lace!

More Peg Bags 1

Sorry if there are readers out there suddenly want to vomit, but I cant stop myself.
I agreed with the Australian magazine Country Decorators Handbook editor, Ms Donna Macpherson says, I quoted, "One of the secrets to achieving the perfectly decorated country home is that it must have a sense of you at its every core.
It is no use creating a picture-perfect home that feels alien to you.
The chosen decoration should not only work for you and your family in practical terms it should also make your heart sing or at the very least make you feel glad when you enter each room." Unquoted.

Last Federal Day public holiday coincidently my friend fr Kerteh were at KL for her time-off short break.
Managed to bring her to Ikea, and its totally packed till we cannot move easily, compared to my usual day visits.
While at LQ got my two pieces peg bags and seems that I have collected all their last Autumn/Winter season's collection.
The new collection has not yet arrived from UK or China (not really sure from where, some may be made in Thailand or China, but still come fr main GBR HQ).

No doubt my visit to the store rarely seen me gone back empty-handed, always full loaded!
And my pocket is leaking non-stop!

~the peg bag from the Strawberry collection, no sleeve.....~this one named Bunched Rose and Dots if I am not mistaken....with sleeve

Well, at least after a hard day's work (even though only doing house chores), my heart able to sing.

Now that I know why some people have to pay their psychiatrists to be able to feel relieved, and heard them cries.

For me, I invest into Laura Ashley, Romantika, KK Home Deco, Lovely Lace, Ikea, and many other corporations.

And Allah gave me free-of-charge peace of mind. Alhamdulillah!