Saturday, January 23, 2010

Announcement 2

Hi All,
I have big announcement to make.
1)From now on in making my blog more informative, I am trying to post informative idea that some are also shared from others, and from my personal observation.
My intention is not to become a teacher, or a leader.
I know out there, there are others like me who are seldomly stuck between ideas and dont know where to start..
So basically, from my post, I am trying to lend a hand by idea sharing and coincidently making new friends, but not enemies ya..
What I am sharing are only from my point of view, or others that I knew.
So please bear no imperfection in here, so those who are heart-breakers with sharp razor tongue please stay away from this blog for good.
Thank You very much for all my followers who have supported me all the way...

2)I am also in the process of procuring and sourcing more items, and supplies for my soho shop to cater for English deco enthusiasts in Paka/Kerteh/Kemaman/Dungun.
My survey has shown that there are not many shops that offer the goods as much as in KL , and they are very pricey there too.
As a dedicated customers, it has became my priciple that buyers should not be burden so much to pay at exorbitant price tags above their nose.
Such case can be seen in front of our eyes, for example the now with the 20cents per kg of sugar price hike, should not result to 30cents per glass of teh-tarik in our local restaurants.
So those who would like to consider me as their prospect product buyer please leave your detail in the comment section.
Please keep in touch, all...

**whenever possible some words or terms in the entries are checked at :

Peg Bags Passion

Lately I have a craze over peg bags (after so many other craziness, hah ha hah...)
My observation conclude that only Portmeirion and Laura Ashley have those, or maybe I couldnt find RA or any other brands that also have them in their ranges.

My latest purchase was a LA Berry motif, which I gave to my sis in Paka before I snap it on.
Maybe one sweet day I ll get one for myself, and more, and more, more, more...(sound so greedy eh?)

The good thing these bags did to my merely-ornate house was they add color and variation to the deco.
Others/readers/bloggers who like to share their views are mostly welcomed, please...

~the most famous fr Botanic Garden range.~Cath Kidston and LA's Milner

Folkart Plant Pot 1

~I bought this Baba's plant pot in white from Ace Hardware.
Even after making few trips to Ikea still I kept forgetting to buy some ceramic plant pots to paint.
The initial plan is to giveaway this pot to a sis who like lavender and hydrangeas so much.
(she knows who she is..)
Since I am not yet into hydrangeas, I did the lavender theme 1st.
But the lavender is not too dominant and obvious in this piece, and yet it is plasti, made me wondering that its too cheap to give to her.

Never mind, the price is not important, but what matter is sincerity.
Hope she ll like it..
~the lavender (the color is too soft that only I got and forgot to blend it to more darker)~there is also some tulips

New House Challenges 1

Moving from 750sqft flat to a bigger 1600 house needs a bigger commitment too.
I wonder how did those who live in a mansion or a bungalow, or a bigger than mine survive.
The challenge is to coordinate and decorate it with the minimum ornament at the min cost too.
Not too grand, or a palace standard, where a formal function (or a ball?so English, no we dont have it here anymore) usually held with numerous guests who are normally dignitaries, statesmen, ministers, big taicoons, etc.

My ideal is a humble one, not too shabby but still chic.
I cant afford to have a shabby deco design, because without it I have been screaming like Jane's Tarzan to the little one who continuously mess the house whenever possible, especially when mumy is cooking in the kitchen, showering upstairs, taking a quick nap even for 10 mins, or vegging on sofa watching soaps.

Having friends also helps in deco idea, and a sister has suggested me to cover the open bookcase which I stacked my kitchen ration with a simple checkered curtain.~Without the sewing machine, I managed to sew it by hand and it the result is not bad at all...Thanks to a generous sis's idea
~and this kitchen cafe curtain sewn before I had the overcharged-traitor-tailor trauma!
So impressive someone I trust dares to take advantage on me
I am still pressing my head of where to hang my wall shelves to put my more enamel colllections, and getting another Smadals (coz it is so cheap at $429 per cabinet) for the existing Churchill that currently are double stacked in the shelves for limited spaces problem. And also I am getting my Botanic Garden set soon. And the never ending list goes on and on as usual...
~got these talams from a shop in Paka~one of the items that was placed at the wrong place for reasons above
~the butterfly-embossed jar (or jug?)~I want to name this as "the Three Polka Dots Pots on Sleigh"~the 3-tier tin, so far they are empty, dont know what to put. Maybe as just deco items, so far!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Writer's Blog

Hi All, I ve been absent for a while coz my internet connection was disconnected.
Now I am back to the missed blogging world.
Blogging seeing me made new friends, whom sometimes we find it rather convenient to communicate cyberly (new vocab ya, me created!) rather than face to face.
When it come to times, with chances we met and chat in live.
And friendship goes on.
I am in the midst of tracking down my old college friends, some who used to cry together.
Laughed at stupid jokes. Teasing innocent boys (not married men ya - forbidden until now!).
Put on best outfit for outing.
Dresses up for Annual Dinner.
Hanging out at cafes.
Riding in Red-Yellow Omnibus.
....endless list.......
Its been a great time having friends who never took me for granted.
Those who did, I will say a fore-sayonara (I am having the writer's blank mind, again I cant remember what its called, is it a writer's blog?).
A collegemate from Trolak to Uniten, has passed away last 17th in her stage 4 servical/ovarian (I am really an absent-minded professor) cancer. Lets recite Alfatihah to Allahyarhamah Asfaniza Asmon of Kota Tinggi. I have not had chances to blogging with her while she was alive.
I am grateful to Allah for still being alive, coz I have lots more to do: seeing Wlh growing, seeing other peoples' places, seeing my father surviving after my mum's death, and importantly asking forgiveness from Him (Allah) for all my long-list of wrongdoings...Alhamdullillah!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Egg House for Sis

I bought this originally blank egg house that can accomodate 16 eggs fr Wana.
Tired of kept postponing my promise (because I am gonna back to see them all soon) to my sister at Paka that someday when I am confident, and capable, I will draw a hen on it.

So today after finishing the wall plaque additional animal, I managed to draw a hen on the hse door, and a bigger hen on the more spacey back of it (even though its keep pop-up in my mind nobody will ever notice the painting on the back)..
And here is the result..

~the top front of the house~I was supposed to colour the hen with black back ground 1st, so that the hair are more prominent to the naked eye

After finishing the 2 project today, I was really exhausted but satisfied.

Dream House Wall Plaque-additional animals (added)

When I was staring thoroughly at the painting, I realized it has too little animals ie life stocks that supposedly suit its name as a Farm Cottage.
So, this morning after cooking I am struggling myself to add more live stocks.
Once finished will share it here....Wish me Luck then!!
~there is a yawning/singing rooster sitting on the signage ~a cow and a sheep ~'Jemima the Poodle Duck' (Wlh name it in conjuction to Peter Rabbit series) and her friend are gossipping with a hen and her chicks

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dream House Wall Plaque

Last nite my husband's distant relative in Kelana Jaya passed away.
Today, with Waielah at school after cooking and he was away for the visit left me with ample time to finish my last nite sketch to paint.
Break at 12 to pick lil one fr her kindergarten and I continue till 3pm.

The idea of this plaque was brainchilded from my husband's dream of having our own farm house in future. So theres a story behind...
Brilliantly, and magically we can just draw whatever comes up in mind, spontaneously or impromptu, the sky is really the limit!

~the 'blueprint' sketch done a nite earlier
~the 3 color chart background

~the finished~from the main road before arriving the farm cottage, you have to pass the bridge. Dont worry, the bridge can afford the car load~then, you will be welcomed with this humble greeting signage...~sometimes you are lucky to see in live some animals, either pet or live stocks!~only then you will see the cottage in pastel color after a fountain, opposite the garage (now you are rest assured why you no need to worry to pass over the bridge with your vehicle, with exclusion to : tanker, ready-mixer, bull-dozers, caterpillars, etc..)~there is also a small river after the house, which in this current scenario the boat was absent since she was sailing to somewhere...

Thank You All for bearing with my stories and lending your ears and eyes ..I do agree that I am a good story-teller but I am not a pro-CNN...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ex-colleague's Wedding

~~~ Selamat Pengantin Baru to the Newly-wed Couple~~~~
Last weekend me and Waielah and some old office colleagues attended our also ex-colleague's wedding in Lembah Jaya Ampang.
Thank God that the four of us reached destination, and back safely.

The wedding cum gathering saw me took advantage to persuade my ex-colleague to show me a way to Jln Kenanga which made us only saw rows of shops (instead of should be browsed from one to another), because the traffic were superb jamned and condensed that we didnt manage to get a parking space at all.

Driving a sedan has its pros and cons compared to compact Perodua.
Some of them to name are parking availability, and importantly, being bullied and also bullying!(to road-bulliers, beware if you kept bullying me I will drive my husband's Hilux constantly so that when I honked, people will give a decent way (except for ready-mix lorries...tak mkn saman btol!))
Not to whistle-blowing, but I am a very, very generous driver, if drivers give propersignals.
And again we had a nice hot rojak at Ampang's KK compound.
We were about to dig into KK next if not, my daughter po-poed in her diaper, and tats really made her discomfort...

Not to Be Missed Sale 1

Sales announcement originated from :

Salam All Blog Readers,

I had done many purchases online, so far only from Malaysian online blogs.
A frenz someday has labelled me as the' Online Shopping Queen', but I dont care, its so convenient!
For the satisfied buys, I did give them free publicity (publicity is free anyways, if you studied Marketing).

My latest purchase was from the below lets all check it out!!!
Her sale webpage is here:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Accidently Daisy Painting

My plan yesterday was to try to practice the leaves painting for the daisy design to perfection.
So I just used the usual sketch book, but it ended up to something too precious to be wasted (just a usual whistle blowing.
I just framed the piece using A4 green border frame and have it hung on the wall next to the stairs gate upstairs.

Thought that if I laminated the paper it will look shinier and better, but the machine has been returned to hubby's office will take quite sometimes to bring it to stationery shop to have it done.
Will do, someday.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wlh 1st Day at Kindergarten

The poxies (if they is no such word, I tend to create one, who cares daa) are still on Waielah's body.
Becoz of that also, I didnt bring her to her 1st day which was on Monday.
So the 1st falls on today..and its so hard to get her up this morning to get dressed etc.
Since dady promised to also send he on her 1st, I managed to snap her photo, only one, with dady escorting her out of the car.
Sadly the class is full day up to 10.30 only today even though her full is only btw 8.30-12noon.
Still, she gave me silly answers when asked of what did teachers gave her as a meal, she answered me like : roti canai (I will never believe they serve this high cholesterol to kids, so its proven that wlh really made it up), nasi goreng tok mama (worse), naughty this lil one!
Thank God she didnt say more complicated menus like Char Kuey Teow, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Chee Cheong Fun (her favourite), etc...

~her 'petite' figure suit no ready-made uniform sizes, so she gonna wait a new one tailored specially for her...seen here in given sport attire~yesterday, she told me "Mummy, mummy, Yah boleh terbang , butterfly!"~yes, bcos of her spots she was only in skin the whole day inside the hse... (a.k.a baju kulit..)Seen here maximising her countless stickers onto mummy's wardrobes