Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Season

Every school day my daughter will ask me whether tomorow,  and aday afater tomorrow and next,she needs to go to school or not.
With a hope that mummy will utter the five words sentence: "Its a Weekend", or "Tomorrow Is A School Holiday".
Many times she asked when is the long weekend, aka school holiday.
But when school holidays comes, she has regretfully said to me that, "Why is it school holiday now?"

This school holiday a niece in Dungun got married so the whole new clan including a brother working in Kuwait gathered there.
Since its a peak wedding season, the aqad has to be scheduled on the nite before the mass kenduri.
The mass/reception took place succesfully on Saturday.

And here are some of the photos that I managed to shoot coz me myself were busied lending my hands foot etc with the chores, the never ending tasks at the wedding reception.

 ~the bride

 ~an out-of-town friend paid me a visit before we headed to another friend's house.
A friend who has just lost a son on the last school day before the holiday

 ~since the house are packed with nieces and nephews so I bake some sweet treats to the tooth

 ~the humble cake deco with the absence of steel frustrating!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Online Back!

Blogger has new settings. I loved it and it showed how long I've been offline.
Being online again feels like its been few moons ago.

My generous sister has borrowed me her BB.
Settled down in my late dad's house with few internal organisation problems gave me countless headache.
And I resorted that a trip to KL (yes, I missed KL!!) may cure it but Mr Hubby kept posponing it that its only him who showed up in KL at last.
Mere comforting words are ; "Dont worry next school holiday I'll bring u there".
And its school holiday now though!
The only person in KL was only him leaving me stucked here with the rebelling daughter.

The furnitures and fittings have been arranged.
Not nicely, not to my fulfillment.
Because we have internal politics problem arouse only when my dad passed away.
So its true that the true colors of persons will be revealed only few elements are absent.
In my case, my late dad.

Yesterday i have managed to sell off the used packing boxes from the move.
Its weighted 22 kgs with the price of 20c/kilo so I earned $4.50, comparing to my many few years ago earnings!
That only can buy me not more than 2kg of sugar or self-raise-flour.
Talking about earning, financial crisis is strucking me badly and I am wondering how the Greeces are surviving.
So much to wonder, let it be I dont want to have more additional headache.

Upon moving down (or up?) here, some things change and some remain.
Those are.....

My late dad's pet cat also serves as a mouse-chaser still conquers the house and act as if the house is his.

Its still up to him whoever and whenever he wants to date

My clack in the morning alarm comes from the fon alarm. Followed by the birds sing.
I can see a hornbill on my neighbor rooftop directly from my room window.
How beautiful the creature is, and I still no need to go to bird park.

Remember this 2-tier egg hanger?
Somebody has acted vandally by spraying off my cock drawing.
Whoever did this really doesnt value his life well.
And he derserves only to live alone in the jungle!!!

Other changes and remains will follow up in my few next entries.....

Friday, April 27, 2012

I am Internetless

Asalamualaikum, Ola All Gorgeus!!

Since my move back to hometown, my internet has been absent.
Moreover, Wlh's daddy also left his lappy in KL office.
My lappy?
Year ago he sent it to fella friend for a repair but never seriously pick it up.
Me am wondering ever since why he was so ignorant, which a question of is it because a non-income generator aka duo-breadwinner, then the one does not deserve a lappy at all?
Because all I do was only online shopping, blogging, blog hopping etc etc?
Besides I also search for infos.
Not to deny, the net maintains my sound mind
Without it I may be in other state.
Then if that happens, nobody will take on the blame.
Yeah I am not blaming anyone, just seek cooperation.

Since (again) I am blogging directly from a niece's house in Kuantan, there are still some story I want to share here.
But without photos, a post or two wont be complete.
So lets postpone the posting then.

After all I am blessed to be alive.....

Keep reading readers, many thanks !!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I am Back Home

Last month the whole family has moved back to my late dad's home at Kerteh.
The absence of lappy made me really bored, but not with nothing to do.
I still have piles of boxes yet to be unpacked and put into proper place.
Gosh, in this big house where space is unlimited, I have shortage of storage cabinets to organise everything.

And also last month's 18th saw that little kiddo attending the Pre-School at Kg Baru.
So goes the morning wake-up call and other tedious routine,by the resistant lazy fella.

The four cats also suffered of a long trip (even though its only 4 hours) nausea.
The resettlement is so damn tiring.
Here goes the same routine of packing, lifting, unpacking and reorganising. Argghhh....