Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIY and Sewing Tools Shopping

I managed to be to Jalan Kenanga last week to purposely hunt for some wooden kid-size hanger. Yeah, to hang the sewed peg bags.
After finally securing a decent parking space, Phhew!
Parking is a main problem for shoppers that regulars would agree with me.

After browsing two shops, only, because the lil one (yes, where else to dump that excess baggage?) kept complaining that its very hot, I finally found the target item.
Sadly, not the exact one, but a tolerable subtitute, at RM1.80 per piece.
I grab only 15 considering I am gonna be there again for more additions.

~Arghhhh, another headache for parking space hunting...

After that I zoomed to Ampang's Cottage Patch.
This time to buy some rotary cutter, button cover kits, etc atc.
And I end up buying all the dreamed wish list totalling to RM300++.
After folkart, this new extra hobby is money consuming too!

~45mm & 60mm Olfa rotary cutter, Prym eyelets plier, press fasteners, cover button kits, 1" bias tape maker

~1st product: 18mm fabric cover buttons to match with the pegs

~and since my threads are increasing, I added another level to the hanger..

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