Thursday, March 10, 2011

Passport Holders (PH) Part II

********Continuation from previous Part I********

After buzzing and spinning my head to be more creative, and finding more inspiration for improvement, I decided to let nature plays its role.
Yes, improvise through experience.
To gain more experience, we have to do, or imagining the whole process over and over again.
Then the new idea will ***bling in seconds, or next day, next week, or worse; never!

But repetitious tasks were not my interest, nor copying from other's whole idea.
I prefer to modify the task, or come out with something new.
And its so unbelievable that achieving it was so easy given I was not born in the same group as Albert Einstein, or, Marie Curie, etc, etc.
Yes, you don't need to have a degree in Engineering, or a Noble prize recipient, or a genius to sew one.
God eased all the way. And He will always.

So I have sewed another 6 passport holders to be given away to my dearest friends who loved (and have ample opportunity to travel abroad unlike pity me), and my sister and her hubby, and my neighbour's Indonesian maid.
~Yes, all the six while the 7th has been given away to the said maid.
I deserve an overseas vacation, didn't I?

All in the hope that the holders are becoming very useful and handy to them to keep their passports in a groovy holders.

I was doing a small spring cleaning towards my purses, and bags and related stuffs when I came across two delicious bright colors Hermes leather purses organiser brought years ago.

I wonder if people can survive these shocking shades from Hermes (and not to mention also LV glaming fuchsia bag), why not to the red polka-dot, and other colorful and fancy small petite passport holders???
I had no problem, but dont know their tastes much.

~I was trying to make an 18" bias tape with this polka dots in this gorgette/polyester fabric that it wont stand the press from a heated iron.
+++Couldnt produce a seam pleat at all.
+++Lesson learnt is other than cotton or polycotton, the DIY bias tape wont work on other silky or unporust surface.

~a red bear fabric for the baby

~the clear ID window so that Immigration Officer be able to read the details

~these fabrics themed in red and black "Hanging Clothes" from fabric fanatics too

~the red and black have a plastic window made of rigid sheet

~juggling from my sewing activity, I still have to entertain the lil one who has 'played hockey' aka ponteng to school for 2 weeks in a row!

SORRY you all had to read all the long, detail, mumblings. Hey, thats what blogs are for!

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