Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Have I Done Wrong ?????

Some wrongful acts sometime justify themselves.
Some become puzzles that remain unsolved in our life's X-file..
But I am banging my head to this incident that occured to me last June, Saturday the 4th to be precise.

It was a busy day since I was entertaining my out-of-town visiting sister to here and there.
My final stop was the night market at AU2.
And I still remembered we arrived home at the same time the Maghrib azan been called.

The car was parked in front of my house, next to who-knows whom Wira, who suddenly has parked also in front of my house too.
So, is the Wira relates to the incident? Only God knows, as Kid Rock sang : "Only God knows why...".

yes, my car has been ambushed again.
Its midnight that I was asked by my late-returned husband of the condition of the car.
What happened to the car? Who has you done bad to today???", he asked in anger to the innocent me!
I rushed to the car and almost faint to find out that the whole right body has been scratched with words and straight-and-wavey-lines.

What else people are envied of me, or us that our car has became the victim, again, for the 2nd time!!!
The incident still lingered freshly in our mind that sometimes people around us can be so loose minded.

We are living in a world that was sorrouded by crazy people who are too shy to attend themselves to the proper home, to be precise, the asylum.
Outside we are looking at others as normal as us, but inside, ONLY GOD KNOWS who they really are.
Their true faces can be so intimidating, so scary.
Can be as scary as monsters, mean monsters.

For the wrongdoer(s), you owe us so much. Even though he or she or they are not reading this!!

Images of the tragedy will be uploaded later.

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