Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Costly Prank Joke aka Vandalism

Yes, the words are "lu mati lu langsi" excerpted from a local movie.
No parts of the whole right body were spared from the itchy hands wilderness.
If anyone would like to practice on their creativity they should use their cars as a practice board instead.
Rather than doing irresponsible act at the cost of others, in this case me and my hub.

Or anybody want to express any dissappoinment, disssatisfaction over car over-taking, miss-parking, bad debt, rejected love, annoying horny cats howling, please come forward like a true gentleman (man or woman).

Or anybody who feels as being discriminate over us for having the chance to drive this semi-superbcar and enjoy the true meaning of pleasure of driving a real stable car.

You know where to find us, we will be waiting for you with open arms.
(I will be holding open arm but I am not sure of my hub, he was really pissed off lately)

He/She/They should bear all the monetary damages not to mention the physcological damages since I 've been parading the whole town in the car which has attracted unwanted glances from our caring society who have given me a very prejudice looks as if they were saying that I am a very bad and rude driver to the point that my car was scratched so!!!!!

Honestly speaking, I myself personally have been bullied by other drivers but to bully others in return is not my principle.

No matter how big the machine you are manuevering, to show off its power unreasonably is not my main concern for driving.


P/s: This entry may sound sarcastic only to those who commit the voluntary-self-suicide of the above action.

P/s: God is so just for not creating me as a human who could turn green when mad. Amin Allah!!

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