Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Season

Every school day my daughter will ask me whether tomorow,  and aday afater tomorrow and next,she needs to go to school or not.
With a hope that mummy will utter the five words sentence: "Its a Weekend", or "Tomorrow Is A School Holiday".
Many times she asked when is the long weekend, aka school holiday.
But when school holidays comes, she has regretfully said to me that, "Why is it school holiday now?"

This school holiday a niece in Dungun got married so the whole new clan including a brother working in Kuwait gathered there.
Since its a peak wedding season, the aqad has to be scheduled on the nite before the mass kenduri.
The mass/reception took place succesfully on Saturday.

And here are some of the photos that I managed to shoot coz me myself were busied lending my hands foot etc with the chores, the never ending tasks at the wedding reception.

 ~the bride

 ~an out-of-town friend paid me a visit before we headed to another friend's house.
A friend who has just lost a son on the last school day before the holiday

 ~since the house are packed with nieces and nephews so I bake some sweet treats to the tooth

 ~the humble cake deco with the absence of steel frustrating!

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